Ahad, 16 Mac 2014

My Newwwwww World

Hellloooooooooo! Welcome to my blog! FYI, actually, this blog is created on 10 May 2013. But, I have already delete all the entries. So, this is it. Actually, I'm a Malaysian but I want to write my blog in english to improve my english. Somtimes, I will write in Malay also. Okay, time to introduce my self... :)

Hiiiii people or aliens *if you are an alien

My name is Atiqah Amelya. My friends call me Atiqah or Amelya or Triple A. Yeah. But, actually only Joanne call me Triple A. You can call me Triple A if you want to. I am born on 30 November. I'm still 12 eventhought I'm already form 1 because it's not my birthday yet! You can give me presents if you want. My race is Kenyah and I'm proud to be a Muslim girl. Please don't contemptible my religion! You're gonna be bash by me if you do it. I loveeeeeee chocolatessssss!!! It's soooooooooooooo yumylicious!

I have a bestie. Her name is Nani. She's as crazy as me. We go everywhere together-gether. I love her very much! Never try to seperate us or you will regret it!

That's all for today. I'll write something, maybe tomorrow or this Saturday cause my mom dont let me use the laptop on weekdays. Bye!! >_<

Atiqah :)

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